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Teaching Portfolio 

Qualified Teaching Fields
  • Modern British History, 1688-1950
  • The American Built Environment, 1600-2000
  • Modern European Cities, 1500-1900
  • The History of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Teaching Experience 

Graduate Student Instructor for Leon Litwack, History 7b, American History, 1865-2000 (Spring 2007)

Various readerships in American and European History (2004-2006)

Graduate Student Instructor for Stephen Tobriner, Arch 170, Architecture History  to 1300 (2003-2004).  

Graduate Student Instructor for Paul Groth, ED 169, The History of the Built Environment in America, 1600-1900 and 1900-the present (2002-2003) 


Teaching Materials

A selection of online links about college-level writing for students of History 7b, organized on the social bookmark server, http://del.icio.us/.  Listing links on this server provided a format where students could contribute and share their own links with each other. 

Selected assignments for students of History 7b: